Executive, Organisational and Team Coaching

Executive and Organisational Coaching

Executive and Organisational Coaching facilitates change and the development of skills and competencies required for optimum individual performance and ultimately organisational cohesiveness and success.

An organisational coach is defined as “a person who is engaged to provide coaching services to a coachee [with the aim of] improving the skills, performance or personal capabilities of the coachee” (Council of Standards Australia, 2011, p. 7).

Coaching is a collaborative process supporting clients to attain specific professional goals. The focus of coaching pertains to behavioural change, improving skills, enhancing business results and developing individuals both personally and professionally. A coach can help you develop within your current role and work with you to enhance future potential.

The applications of coaching can vary… enhancing leadership capability, being a sounding board, acting as support during a specific project, helping an individual to enhance existing strengths, or developing a skill they don’t yet possess.

Our clients have reported many benefits – some of which include:

  • Greater staff engagement and rapport
  • Greater self awareness and confidence as a leader
  • Developed capability to leverage off others
  • Greater self confidence in a senior management role
  • Improved productivity at an individual and organisation level
  • Better capacity to cope with work pressures
  • Promotion into a senior management role
  • Improved negotiation skills resulting in a financial return to the organisation
What Makes Unconscious Potential Different

Silvia de Ridder works with a broad range of audiences from frontline to C level to business owner. Given her engineering and project management background, she is a specialist in working with technical audiences and organisations across varied fields and industries.

As a coach Silvia supports executives to make the fundamental shift from being technical specialists to being effective leaders and managers. She strives to accelerate their performance by challenging their beliefs, giving them honest feedback and ensuring they set measurable goals.

Silvia’s evidence based processes facilitate sustainable behavioural change in the individual that result in benefits for their organisation such as high performing teams, implementation of strategic initiatives, enhanced staff engagement and improved retention and productivity.

Team Coaching

Teams are key to project and business success. It is said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This statement is never truer than with teams.

Team Coaching is defined as:

A learning intervention designed to increase collective capability and performance of a group or team. It is an intervention intended to help members improve their performance and how they work together, and also how they develop their collective leadership to more effectively engage with the broader system in which they operate to deliver on their goals and/or jointly transform the wider organisation. [Clutterbuck, Hawkins, Hackman]

Unconscious Potential works with functional teams, executive teams, project teams and even Agile teams.

All teams can benefit from team coaching. Some of the ways Unconscious Potential works with teams includes:

  • Clarifying team purpose and strategy, providing a sense of direction that guides the team’s actions
  • Defining specific goals as well as action plans and strategies to ensure the achievement of the goals
  • Creating a structure as to how a new team operates and bringing individuals together to perform as a team
  • Opening communication channels, building trust, addressing conflict and ensuring information and learning is shared
  • Creating a culture where staff encourage and support each other, collaborating rather than competing
  • Establishing an environment where staff are given the opportunity to perform to their maximum potential on a consistent basis

In summary, the business case for team coaching is to improve on some specific aspects of performance, to making things happen faster and/or to make things happen differently.

Some of the benefits of team coaching can include:

  • Increased focus on the company vision as employees gain clarity of purpose
  • Increased productivity of human capital
  • Increased passion, commitment and understanding of the team’s and company’s direction
  • Improved interaction between staff resulting in growth of team and individual communication skills
  • Bettered motivation, absenteeism rates and morale amongst employees because they feel heard and acknowledged
  • Stronger emotional intelligence, leading teams and individuals to act as better decision makers
  • Improved project outcomes as teams operate in an environment of cohesion and trust
  • Improved leadership culture


Team coaching can be challenging, effective and performance enhancing. If you are working with a team, you need team coaching.

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take my word for it, let the below testimonials inform you.

“I’d never had a professional coach, but meeting Silvia for the first time was very comfortable and our sessions continued in this very relaxed manner. Silvia’s ability to structure the sessions in a way that made me feel comfortable was great and I always walked away feeling like I’d made significant achievements, plus a few “aha” moments. Silvia is great at analysing our start up conversation and determining where it makes sense to focus for each meeting, which is perfect when sometimes you don’t know where to start. I developed so much confidence within a short space of time with Silvia, and would absolutely recommend her to any Project Manager, Executive, or anyone who needs someone to help them achieve their goals.”Executive Client, American Express

“I volunteered to become part of my organisation’s inaugural coaching program to regain my passion for my profession. Self awareness was the start but then it became more than that. I suddenly had someone to talk to without reservation that was willing to listen without being judgmental. Our conversations became real and were allowed to progress naturally where they needed to go. I rediscovered behaviours and traits that previously got me to the top of my game and made me passionate when interacting with colleagues, family & friends. My motivation and performance in achieving personal and professional goals has increased exponentially. Life is good. Thanks Silvia.”Senior Project Manager, Engineering Division of Large Government Transport Organisation

“As a coach I found Silvia to be inspirational. She has had a huge range of life experiences, and is highly qualified through her continuous learning to offer a unique blend of knowledge, insight and empathy. I would strongly recommend Silvia to anybody needing to tap into their Unconscious Potential.”Senior Executive – Altis Consulting

“Silvia is inspirational and anyone in the workplace who is in a position where they need to influence. i.e. everyone, should consider engaging her for their own development as well as their staff.”Senior Executive

Our clients say…

“Silvia brings to the table a fresh approach to coaching and one which would be of great benefit to any individual and organisation that is seeking advancement and best practice in learning and development. I would not hesitate to recommend Silvia’s services to any client considering how to make that next step in enhancing and leading their business to the next level.”

G. Donaldson
Executive Client

Testimonial G. Donaldson